Storyteller PDF Songbook and MP3 Bundle (Download)


The complete transcriptions in a downloadable sheet music book in PDF format PLUS the downloadable album in MP3 format.

Once you have purchased the sheet music, please respect Shoshana’s copyright and do not share, trade, or distribute the PDF files on the internet. The downloads you purchase are for your personal use only.



Downloadable sheet music book in PDF format which includes the complete transcriptions to all 13 piano solos from the album, Storytellerplus the album in downloadable MP3 files.

      1. A Winter’s Enchantment
      2. Periwinkle
      3. Prelude
      4. Heartsounds
      5. Strolling Along the Strand with Dad
      6. Snowdrops
      7. Summer Nights
      8. The Time Traveler
      9. Simi
      10. Joyful Remembrance
      11. Starlight and Crystal Dreams (Frida’s Lullaby)
      12. The Enchantment
      13. A Song for Clara (Revisited)