Reviewed by Jonathan Widran

In my write-ups on Shoshana Michel’s earlier and equally stellar solo piano albums Reflection (2019) and Impressions (2020), there was quick focus on some fascinating biographical details of her life leading to her emergence as an artist with Soul Whispers in 2015. It was heartwarming to learn, for instance, that she was inspired years earlier by legendary new age piano heroes like David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani and Jim Chappell. Also intriguing was the fact that she was classically trained yet her first pro gig was playing ragtime at Knott’s Berry Farm. Also mentioned in these pieces were the many accolades she received for her initial recordings from, Enlightened Piano Radio and One World Music Radio.  

Though Shoshana insists that she chose the title of her latest collection Storyteller purely because she likes it, it really speaks in a deeper way to the emotional development of her artistry and how she uses her beautiful melodies and variations in rhythmic movement to create wordless narratives that chronicle meaningful moments and share affection for special loved ones in her life. Continue reading

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

Storyteller is Shoshana Michel’s seventh solo piano album beginning with her 2015 debut, Soul Whispers. Some of the thirteen tracks (all originals) were composed recently and some were written earlier but not recorded until this album. Recorded at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio on his amazing Shigeru Kawai concert grand piano, the music is warm, gentle and often has an expressive dreamy quality that makes it very relaxing and uplifting. The music was inspired by and reflects different facets of Shoshana’s life, as well as her emotions, people she has known and a variety of memories. Some of the pieces feel very light and carefree and some are more bittersweet, but they are all very beautiful, personal and expressive.  Continue reading


Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano –

Mélange is a beautiful collection of nine original piano solos by Shoshana Michel and is her sixth (plus singles) solo piano album to date. Recorded on a felted upright piano, the poignant and dreamy pieces take on a softer, more ethereal sound than they would if the piano was “normal” or “unfelted.” (If you are not familiar with “felted piano,” it is a technique where a piece of felt or other soft cloth is placed between the piano strings and hammers to lessen the percussive quality of the hammers hitting the strings when the keys are played.) Continue reading


Reviewed by Pam Asberry, Enlightened Piano

Shoshana Michel’s fifth album, “Impressions,” features thirteen original solo piano compositions and is arguably Shoshana’s most intimate collection to date. Recorded and engineered by Joe Bongiorno, the piano sound is exquisite; the beautiful cover art, reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting, is also quite striking. And without exception, every performance is flawless. The opening track, “Imagination” is almost a stream of consciousness; somber and unrestrained, it perfectly sets the stage for the array of sounds to follow. “Dancing in the Shadows” evokes innocence and purity; raw and emotional, it seems to come from a place deep within the artist. Continue reading

Reviewed by Dyan Garris, New Age CD

“Impressions” is Shoshana Michel’s 5th solo piano album and is almost 54 minutes of total relaxation. Satin-smooth and ultra-calming, this is 13 original piano solos “born out of reflection and inspiration” (“Reflection” is also the title of her last album, by the way). The gorgeous impressionistic style CD cover art is a painting, “In Tune,” by artist Mark Briscoe.  So very beautiful, inviting us to eagerly explore the treasures that lie beneath. Continue reading

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

“Impressions” is Shoshana Michel’s fifth solo piano album, and although I’ve reviewed and enjoyed all of her music, there is something very special about this album. The music feels exceptionally intimate and heartfelt and is expressed with a tangible openness and vulnerability – like a soul-opening conversation with a treasured and trusted friend. There are no flashy keyboard pyrotechnics to hide behind, just the beautiful essence of each piece. Continue reading

Reviewed by Jonathan Widran

Starting with the moment she fell in love with new age piano music circa 1990 via influences and heroes like David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani and Jim Chappell, Shoshana Michel took a unique and circuitous – some would say, too long – road toward her evolution as a composer and solo artist. Yet since the release of her 2015 debut solo piano album Soul Whispers, which earned an Album of the Year nomination by, she’s been an unstoppable, inspirational force in the genre.  Read the full review

Reviewed by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

Impressions by Shoshana Michel is a collection of memory packed piano arrangements, each one personal to whoever listens to it. Her performances over the years have increased in texture and presentational style, this album is another step up the ladder for her and is an album that will allow each and every listener several moments of reflection and remembrance along the way, a colourful, moving and delightfully enjoyable release to listen to indeed. Read the full review


Reviewed by Pam Asberry, Enlightened Piano

Reflection is Shoshana Michel’s fourth released piano solo album and her third as a composer. The positive response to the release of her first album, Soul Whispers, her solo piano arrangements of beautiful songs of Jewish Eastern European origin, led her to resume the challenge of composing; in 2016, a full twenty-four years after she wrote her first solo piano piece for a student who shared her love of New Age Music, she released an album of original pieces, Dancing on the Wind, which was nominated for numerous awards. Her 2017 release, Prelude to a Dream, won One World Music Radio’s Solo Piano Album of the Year; her latest release, Reflection, was born out of the experience of finding herself as a composer and facing life’s challenges. Recorded and engineered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studios and featuring beautiful cover artwork by Matt Strieby, this is arguably Shoshana’s best work to date. Read the full review

Reviewed by Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings –

…. “Aptly titled Reflection, Michel’s fourth album and third collection of original music is comprised of eleven solo pieces that interweave both classical and contemporary motifs. Like a gently flowing river softly shimmering in the moonlight, her pristinely elegant compositions delicately sparkle, as the soothing melodies often take unexpected yet subtle paths along tranquil currents.” Conveying an atmosphere of serenity and solitude, the album’s artwork perfectly depicts the mood of the music, which often paints pacifying images of the sky, the stars and the sea. Avoiding any frenetic tendencies, Michel opts for arrangements that are melodically intricate yet calmly introspective over a theatrical power-playing style. Fitting for a spa setting or as accompaniment to the healing arts, her compositions effectively promote and nurture an inexplicable inner calm. Read the full review

Reviewed by Roger Evernden

I only discovered Shoshana Michel’s beautiful piano albums last year, but since then I’ve become a true fan. Her compositions are lyrical and flowing, and her playing is delicate and delightful. The latest album, Reflection, came out in January 2019. I thoroughly recommend it. I think its her best yet. This an album to be proud of. Continue reading

Reviewed by BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide –

A much-used technique in literature is to make the readers keep guessing what is going to happen next. Listening to “Reflection” by Shoshana Michel, I think the same goes for her music. It makes you listen and think. As with any good author thought, there are many interesting and surprising twists and turns along the way. You’ll never guess it all. This makes the album into a very satisfying listen. “Reflection” is the best release so far in Shoshana Michel’s already strong discography. Continue reading

Reviewed by Dyan Garris –

“Reflection,” the fourth album by composer and solo pianist, Shoshana Michel, is introspective and thoughtful as the title may imply. But the inner reflection is one of the outer world as well.  So, this is not only a simple, shiny mirror, but a pause for reflection on life itself. One of Shoshana’s great talents is to give us, the listener, the musical gift of being able to “hear a painting.” An illustrative example of this is found in “Soothing the Tempest Within,” where through not only the melody, but through its impeccable cadence and timing, we can actually feel that brewing storm both inside and out.  We also have the same in the intriguing and wonderfully composed, “Shooting Stars,” where we can actually see those awesome beams of light streaking magically across the mysterious evening sky. Continue reading

Reviewed by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio –

My  favourite  style  of  solo  piano  is  always  the  more  reflective  kind;  so  I  was absolutely elated to find a new album by the award winning pianist Shoshana Michel on my desktop to review. This is the artist’s fourth release and follows hard on the heels of her amazing award winning album Prelude to a Dream. Reflection is an album of memory packed compositions, the narration of her life as a composer and we start that voyage with the first sparkling opener called quite appropriately, A New Day Today.   Here   is   the   perfect   composition   to   start   an   album   of   reflective memories  with,  its  full  of  light  and  respect  for  the  journey  taken,  and  the excitement of what is still to come, played by Michel with a  real lightness of spirit on the piano. Continue reading

Reviewed by Jonathan Widran –

Engaging in pianist/composer Shoshana Michel’s sensitive, insightful and deeply compelling new album Reflection while perusing her bio, a few striking pieces of background information stand out. Considering the rich melodic and rhythmic flow of her current music, it made perfect sense to read that she fell in love with New Age solo piano music in 1990, and was heavily inspired by some of my own heroes of the genre, including David Lanz, Suzanne Ciani and Jim Chappell. I was delighted to see that their music inspired the classically trained Shoshana – who launched her career playing ragtime at Knott’s Berry Farm – to pen her first piano solo “Heather, Roses and Moonlight.” But I was perplexed by the next line: “feeling that she couldn’t compose, she stopped writing music entirely.” How could someone so obviously gifted and musically intuitive lose their momentum and not compose for so many years? This question truly seems to be the impetus behind the very personal expressions driving the new album towards its transcendence. Continue reading

Reviewed by Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews – 

Beautiful emotional solo piano portraits Shoshana Michel – REFLECTION:  You won’t find samples for Shoshana’s beautiful January, 2019 release available yet (I’ll come back and add them in as soon as I’m told the album has gone live), but I’m well familiar with her abilities, and can tell you that songs like “Shooting Stars” are already among my favorite solo piano pieces for 2019… just put your headphones on and gaze out at the night sky as you listen to her solo piano mastery, and you’ll be an “instant believer” in her consummate wizardry. Continue reading

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano –

Reflection is Shoshana Michel’s fourth solo piano album and her third album of original compositions. The eleven pieces are a musical autobiography of sorts, inspired by Shoshana’s journey to finding herself as a composer and the life experiences that happened along the way. Reflection begins with “A New Day Today,” a brightly optimistic ode to the potential of a new day. “Shooting Stars” is the first single released from the album and is a favorite. Graceful and flowing with a distinctive sparkle, it’s a warm and cozy piece to snuggle up with. “Finding Bliss” overflows with a peaceful, glowing contentment that we’d all love to experience more often. Continue reading


Reviewed by Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

A sense of gentle naivety has been created with the simple and yet skilful use of the piano by talented pianist Shoshana Michel in her third album, Prelude to a Dream. Following on from her previous releases, with her debut album Soul Whispers very well received and her second album, Dancing on the Wind consisting of original music, nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio’s “Album of the Year,” One World Music Radio’s “Solo Piano Album of the Year” and’s “Album of the Year” this latest release is certainly one for consideration come award time. Continue reading

Reviewed by Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes

The opening piece, “Wonders”, begins almost entirely in the upper register before making its way down toward the middle range of the piano, effectively bringing-to-mind the early music of David Lanz – in particular, his landmark album Nightfall. Following next is the title piece, “Prelude to a Dream” – one of my favorite passages on the album. Definitively neo-classical and played in minor key, this lovely composition is characterized by a left-hand ostinato figure that moves through the entire song, as each note beautifully reverberates throughout what feels like the halls of an old mansion or castle. “A Walk in the Rain” ensues in the style of a modern ballad, which effectively recalls Jim Brickman’s earliest works. Another favorite, “Kaleidoscope”, is a particularly notable piece that bears strong reminiscence to George Winston’s music. Sounding as if being played on a minor-key music-box, it seemingly exudes a whimsically haunting and childlike innocence. The softly mesmerizing and subtly exotic, “Ethereal”, concludes the album on a quiet note – its phrases drawing to mind the music of Aeoliah’s piano album Chambers of the Heart – a comparison of which is an utmost compliment. Read the full article

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly

Prelude to a Dream is Shoshana Michel’s third solo piano album and her second as a composer. After a 24-year hiatus from composing music, once she started again, the flood gates opened wide. Shoshana’s first album of original music, Dancing on the Wind (2016), was nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio’s “Album of the Year,” One World Music Radio’s “Solo Piano Album of the Year” and’s “Album of the Year.” It would not surprise me at all if the gentle, heartfelt music on Prelude to a Dream does just as well or even better. The eleven pieces on this album are all very soothing and played with an expressive tenderness. In some ways, it could be a lullaby album, as the repeated left hand patterns are hypnotic and the overall tone of the music is very quiet and peaceful. Continue reading

Reviewed by Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Shoshana Michel rich original solo piano Shoshana Michel – PRELUDE TO A DREAM:  Shoshana’s beautiful original compositions will reach right down deep into your soul and give you visions of the world as a better place…..This release is her third in the New Age category, and I’ve no doubt it will be strongly considered for awards; that’s especially true on songs like my personal favorite of the eleven original compositions she offers up for your aural pleasure on “Prelude To A Dream”… though the title is the ultimate in simple, “A Walk in the Rain” will transport you back to memories of your  own strolls, as it did for me… this piece is the best solo piano piece I’ve listened to (yet) in 2017! Read the full article

Reviewed by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio –

Shoshana Michel is back with her third album entitled Prelude to a Dream, this could very well be the best work from her to date… It’s easy to see why some compare her style to that of the great David Lanz and on this title track, “Prelude to a Dream”, that’s not too hard to see. There is a slight classical motif; and the confident and articulate performance is so compelling. Michel has created a master piece, just when she needed to, one that reveals the true colour of the whole project, to us the ever eager listener. Read the full review

Reviewed by Dyan Garris, New Age CD

Shoshana Michel is an accomplished pianist and composer, evidenced quite nicely on her third solo piano album, Prelude to a Dream. Skillfully recorded, mixed, and mastered by Joe Bongiorno at Piano Haven Studios in Sedona, AZ, the music throughout Prelude to a Dream is fluid, light, and reminiscent of a gentle lullaby that calms the soul at a very deep level. Eloquently composed and executed, the compositions are sweet and gentle. There’s an innocence and yet a deeper wisdom that shines through at the same time. Continue reading

Beautiful Music To Soothe The Soul – 

…. Sometimes, though, music finds a place in my heart and affects me in a way that is difficult to articulate. This was my recent experience when I came across a new recording by Shoshana Michel, a talented pianist and composer. “Prelude to a Dream” is at at once soothing and pensive, even a bit nostalgic without being cloying, the flavor of a wished-for childhood. The simplicity of the melodies are for me what captivates. It is also beautifully performed by Shoshana, and a bit Schumann-esque. Continue reading


Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly –

Dancing on the Wind is the second solo piano release from Shoshana Michel, following her debut, Soul Whispers (2015). The first album is a collection of Shoshana’s arrangements of soothing Jewish songs known as Chabad Nigunim, but Dancing on the Wind consists of eleven original piano solos. I thoroughly enjoyed Soul Whispers, but Dancing on the Wind is truly exceptional. The music isn’t flashy, but there is a lot of heart in each note and Shoshana’s expressive performance allows us get to know her better. Her playing style is graceful and confident yet often very tender and sometimes quite dramatic.  Shoshana Michel recorded the album at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio on his Shigeru Kawai grand piano, and Bongiorno engineered and mastered the album. The sound quality of the piano is impeccable. Pianists will be happy to know that a companion songbook is on its way. PDFs of all of the pieces on the album are currently available from Continue reading

Reviewed by Michael Foster, Ambient Visions

Dancing on the Wind is an album of solo piano works from pianist Shoshana Michel that was released a few months ago in September of this year. Dancing is the second album to be released by this artist but it is the first in which she composed and performed the music that she played. The fact that this was her first effort at composing her own music makes this quite an extraordinary album because the quality of what you will find on this album speaks more of a seasoned composer’s efforts than someone who is making their first foray into composing and recording their own music. Dancing on the Wind is filled with 11 of these slices of life and runs a total time of 53:05 which gives Shoshana ample time to dazzle you with her vivid musical portraits that will leave you wondering where the last 53 minutes went before you hit repeat and do it all over again. Continue reading

Reviewed by Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

Dancing on the Wind is the sophomore album from Shoshana Michel, a pianist and composer whose debut recording, “Soul Whispers”, featured a collection of renditions of Chabad Nigunim. Following that album’s critical reception, Shoshana felt she needed to prove herself as more than just a pianist-arranger, but as a composer as well, so she sat down at her piano and began experimenting. After much determination the melodies simply began overflowing, with the outcome of that process resulting in an exquisite collection of eleven original solo piano compositions. Continue reading

Reviewed by Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

Delicately a leaf blows across an open space, the soft morning mists lay on the ground before the day awakens, the gentle fall of a feather in the drifting breeze, are just some of the many images bought to the forefront of the emotions as you listen to the opening piece, When Leaves Dance, in this second solo album from the talented Shoshana Michel. Heather, Roses and Midnight moves into a deeper, richer use of the piano adding a dreamy, mellowness evocative of the heavy scent of roses after a hot day, the slowing down as the relaxation of evening is there to be enjoyed; savoured. Continue reading

Featured article by Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus 

Although Dancing on the Wind is only pianist Shoshana Michel’s second album, and her first as a composer of original material, she is already being recognized for her talents and is making a name for herself in the solo piano category. Her debut album, Soul Whispers, received critical acclaim as well as extensive radio airplay and was nominated for 2015 Album of the Year by Shoshana is both a Whisperings Artist ( and Enlightened Piano Artist ( Not bad for a first recording in a highly populated field of talented artists.Dancing on the Wind is being promoted by RS Promotions, which is run by well known new age flutist Sherry Finzer. Continue reading

Reviewed by Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio

Fresh from her success with Soul Whispers, Shoshana Michel is back with a delicious brand new offering called Dancing on the Wind and as I write this in mid-autumn, one could say this is quite seasonal. The opening track is a real scene setter; I personally found this an emotional piece to listen to, it’s called When Leaves Dance. The rolling piano and melody creates an autumnal vista for us to watch, the delicate notes played by Michel are like those falling leaves themselves, as they drift down they get caught by the cold north wind and blown along a long lonely dusty road. Continue reading

Join Steve Sheppard on One World Music Radio as he reads the album review he wrote for Shoshana Michel and her album Dancing on the Wind to a backdrop of music from the album.

Reviewed by Donovan Johnson, Enlightened Piano Radio

“Dancing On The Wind” is the latest album release by nationally recognized pianist Shoshana Michel, and is her second neo-classical recording to date. The album is very appropriately titled, and the songs are programmed in a way that flows very smoothly from piece to piece. The overall feel of the music is quite light, melodic, and often dance-like. Although Shoshana is a classically trained pianist, I really wouldn’t categorize this recording as being neo-classical. The structure of the pieces and the generalized feeling that one gets when listening to it is one that is fresh, contemporary, and very modern in it’s composition and technique. Keeping with the theme of the album, it could be said that “Dancing On The Wind” is truly a “breath of fresh air.” My three picks for this recording are the opening track titled “When Leaves Dance,” track six “A Night Of Lights,” and track eight, “Wandering.” Let’s start with the opening track. Continue Reading

Reviewed by Dyan Garris, New Age 

From the very opening notes of the graceful Dancing on the Wind, the new solo piano release by Shoshana Michel, the soul feels immediately light and free as a bird. The first track, “When Leaves Dance”, is perfectly executed, as they all are, with just the right amount of timing, movement, and emotion. Here one can almost imagine exactly what leaves must feel like as they dance on the wind, free to travel wherever they’d like, rather than being haphazardly strewn about without purpose. Continue reading


Reviewed by Steve Sheppard – One World Music

“Shoshana Michel’s album Soul Whispers is a story of the Jews in Russia, an album which opens with a piece that has a sense of deep desire within, but with a mournful hunger, like an aching to be connected with the one. This will capture your feelings and it’s called Ani Z’mirosKi Hinei Kachomer is next, the light notes and subtleties on this incredibly performed track are so delicate at times, and in a way quite submissive in its arrangement. Continue reading

Reviewed by Kathy Parsons, Mainly –

Soul Whispers is the debut recording by pianist Shoshana Michel. She has arranged and performed a beautiful collection of twelve soothing Jewish melodies for solo piano. These songs are also known as Chabad Nigunim. Elegantly and soulfully performed, the music is relaxing and spiritually uplifting whether or not you are of the Jewish faith or culture. Shoshana Michel has been playing the piano since she was a child and this music is obviously very dear to her heart. Jewish music tends to be in minor keys with a melancholy feeling to them – distinctive and very emotionally stirring. Shoshana Michel’s arrangements are full and rich, but they are not overly embellished or flashy, allowing the haunting melodies to stand on their own and speak their messages without a lot of fanfare. Her arrangements have a contemporary sound while honoring the deep and ancient traditions of the music. If you enjoy lovely spiritual solo piano music, I’m quite sure you’ll thoroughly love Soul Whispers. “

Reviewed By Darla Bower, Enlightened Piano Radio –

In her debut CD, Shoshana Michel recorded and performed a heartfelt collection of twelve (12) Jewish arrangements titled Soul Whispers. These Jewish melodies are also called Chabad Nigunim that as the CD says “nourish the soul.” My interpretation of what Chabad Nigunim means is – songs of the people. A particular people – the Jews in Russia. Ms. Michel fell in love with Chabad Nigunim and desired to share these lovely melodies. Ms. Michel is classically trained, starting lessons as a child and plays ragtime piano professionally. For more in depth biographical information, please be sure to visit her website- Continue reading

Pianist Debuts Piano Solo Album of Chabad Nigunim, –

Soul Whispers is the newly released piano solo collection of Chabad nigunim performed by Lubavitch pianist/composer Shoshana Michel. The nigunim, which is purely piano solo, is played in a flowing New Age/Neo-Classical style. This long awaited album stirs the heart and touches the soul. Classically trained, Shoshana started taking music lessons at the age of seven and was playing the piano professionally by the age of 17. It was when she became a ba’al teshuvah as an adult, that she was exposed to the beautiful melodies of Chabad nigunim. Continue reading


Mainly Piano Interview

Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano interviews Shoshana, March 2020 .

They talk about her new album, Impressions, and her life so far in this interview.


Anna Sutaygina of Moving Classics TV interviews Shoshana.

You can read the interview here and watch Anna play my composition “When Leaves Dance” below.

Sleepy Songs interviews Shoshana for their blog, Behind the Piano.

“After browsing Spotify playlists for a while; one name came up over and over again in almost every single playlist I saw. It was Shoshana. I listened to a few songs and decided to contact her. She has been very nice and helpful and have come with great advice for a small struggling artist as myself. And, I also want to brag a little bit. She said that my song 0334 was the inspiration for her Lullabies playlist on Spotify. – Continue reading

Disctopia interviewd Shoshana about her views on today’s music industry and technology.

To reach to the audience, an independent artist needs to employ a comprehensive strategy through various channels. Technology has seeped deeper into the art of music and ignoring it could be fatal for indie artists.

We talked to Shoshana Michel, a pianist from Brooklyn, New York, about how and what she does to stay relevant in the current industry. Continue reading

Shoshana’s live interview with Terry Hawke  on his online radio show, Hawke Chill Out Sessions on  April 22, 2017. Hawke Chill Out Sessions airs Saturday evenings 10pm to Midnight UK  on 102.3 HFM.  (C) HFM/TJH 2017

Join Chrissie Sheppard on One World Music Radio as she talks to Shoshana Michel about her music and her life and plays a few pieces of music by Shoshana.

Music Lake had the pleasure to interview Shoshana Michel, a Pianist and Music Composer who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her Music has been described as Flowing, Elegant, Refined and Graceful. To learn more about this artist, watch her Interview with Dani Tadmori.

Join Chrissie Sheppard on One World Music Radio as she talks to Debut Artist Shoshana Michel about her career and what brought her to this point in her life where she has now released her debut album.


“I listened to all of your album (Dancing on the Wind) and it is absolutely beautiful in every way.  Beautiful compositions, excellent playing and an excellent recording.”

David Hicken, Pianist/composer/author,

“Shoshana’s pianistic arrangements of these melodies are tasteful and respectful, and the tone quality of her playing (and of the recording itself) is refined and elegant. Speaking as someone that’s not from the Jewish faith, it’s not really necessary to know these nigunim in order to enjoy and appreciate Soul Whispers, as Shoshana’s playing and arrangements are really just so beautiful and romantic. The modal harmonies of these Jewish tunes evoke an otherworldly, ancient era. I find that these ancient modal harmonies sound surprisingly fresh to modern ears, but that’s really thanks to Shoshana’s superb idiomatic arrangements for piano. I think this recording would be appropriate for reflective purposes:  religious services, yoga classes, solo meditation, massage therapy, or simply just to relax and fall asleep by. One doesn’t need to know the melodies to revel in their shared beauty and poignancy.”  – Richard DowlingConcert Pianist

“Shoshana’s music is beautiful, uplifting and moving. It takes you on a spiritual journey. I Highly recommend it! – Breindy Klawansky, Musician/ComposerBreindy & Matt

“I have been listening to your beautiful CD this morning. Oh, my!!! It is hauntingly beautiful!!!!!” –  Cathy Oakes, Pianist/Composer

“I am sitting here just listening to your music and it is so hauntingly beautiful, I just felt like I had to tell you that. I don’t usually listen to instrumental music but this is so meaningful. Thank you for sharing it with us.” – Chana G.

“Master pianist Shoshana Michel has created a lovely collection of classical piano arrangements based on Chassidic melodies (niggunim). Her playing is graceful and flowing and her tone is rich and resonant (thanks to her technique but also thanks to the high-quality recording and production). The total effect really does touch your soul.

I love this CD and I have it in regular rotation for car rides, to relax and enjoy the drive, and to sing along with the familiar melodies with beautiful piano backing me up! It’s also a great mood-fixer for children. Everyone immediately takes a deep breath and feels calmer when I play it.

Shoshana’s music would create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding reception (or other occasion). My daughter will actually be getting married in a few weeks and this is one of two CDs that we plan to use during quieter moments between live music sets.

I’ve wanted a more “listenable” form of these niggunim for years. They should feel meditative and uplifting. These piano renditions are very easy on the ears, and for me, listening to them makes me feel transported to a soulful place, as niggunim should do.

Whether or not you are already familiar with the melodies, I think everyone would enjoy these gorgeous performances and feel moved by them. The heart and soul of this music is the niggunim, but it is also just beautiful classical-style music.”

Yael Resnick