Storyteller Spiral Bound Songbook and CD Bundle


Bundle of the Storyteller CD plus the complete note-for-note sheet music transcription spiral bound songbook to the album.





Storyteller CD plus the beautiful spiral-bound note-for-note sheet music book which includes all 13 piano solos from the album,

    1. A Winter’s Enchantment
    2. Periwinkle
    3. Prelude
    4. Heartsounds
    5. Strolling Along the Strand with Dad
    6. Snowdrops
    7. Summer Nights
    8. The Time Traveler
    9. Simi
    10. Joyful Remembrance
    11. Starlight and Crystal Dreams (Frida’s Lullaby)
    12. The Enchantment
    13. A Song for Clara (Revisited)