Theme and Variations on a Purim Song


Level: 7 – Late Intermediate
Key Signature: C minor (3 flats), D minor (1 flat), E minor (1 sharp), F minor (4 flats), G minor (2 flats), A minor (no flats or sharps), Bb minor (5 flats)
Length: 14 pages (Including title and intro page)


Downloadable sheet music in PDF format.

Product Description

Shoshana Michel’s arrangement of her “Theme and Variations on a Purim Song”, based on the song “Vayehi Bimei Achashverosh”(“In The Days of Achashveiroish”).

You can reference the original video at This sheet music is very close to how it is played on the video but is not note-for-note as minor changes were made to make the piece smoother and cleaner.

Sheet music is in PDF format.

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